Gabriel Gonzales

Gabriel Gonzales,

Gabriel Gonzales’s lineage runs deep in working with Ceramics. He is the 3rd generation to do so. His Grandfather Ynocencio worked at the historic Gladding McBean Terra Cotta Company and his father Ray carried the tradition onward with his own enduring works in Ceramic Art and Art Education. Gabriel’s own contemporary work in the medium has been to reconnect to his Hispanic and Indigenous heritage.

Gabriel is also a filmmaker whose narrative works has been awarded the Kingsley’s Merit Award from the Crocker Art Museum. Gabriel was the first filmmaker granted this award. After which Patrick Marasso, Anthony Maki Gill, and Gabriel started the “Projecting Mapping Project” where films and animations would be shown on public buildings at different city events in Placer County.

Gabriel worked with Sierra College’s Marketing Dept for three years where he filmed, edited and worked social media for the college, this is where he began scoring music for his edits during Sierra College’s 80th year documentary film. During this time Gabriel was asked by Sierra College’s Film Dept and Sierra College’s Rainbow Alliance to be Assistant Director and to score the films “Narratives of Courage” in which the goal of the project was to capture the history of the LGBTQA community in Sacramento and Greater Sacramento regions. He worked and traveled with these films alongside Professor Anggie DiGeorge and Professor Johnnie Terry for more than three years.

Now Gabriel runs his own company Living Ancestors Productions where he films art, music, and culture.

Anthony Maki Gill and Gabriel made the project “Clay and Creativity” which was given a grant by the ACPC. He also was able to work with Foothills Ceramic Art Museum, another recipient of a grant from the ACPC. After which Gabriel was given his own grant from ACPC for his project “Brown Clay” which shared stories with Hispanic artists and provided virtual tours of the artist’s works.

Gabriel also creates music and pop art under the artist name Jackie Dreamspell.