The Arts and Culture Community Advisory Team

Placer County is the traditional home of the Nisenan, Maidu, Miwok people and culture.

The role of the Arts and Culture Community Advisory Team is to advise the Arts Council of Placer County (ACPC) on opportunities that relate to arts and culture. ACPC plans and ensures policy initiatives as mandated by contracts with Placer County and the California Arts Council.

Meetings are not scheduled regularly but are need-based.  The Team will usually meet 3-4 times per year, either in-person or virtually.

The purpose of the Arts and Culture Community Advisory Team is to encourage cultural growth in the county to ensure that art, culture and entertainment are central elements of the quality of life for county residents. To this end, the Team will encourage the development of cultural opportunities, resources, as well as the creative, social and community benefits they provide.

The Arts and Culture Community Advisory Team members make recommendations to the ACPC Board of Trustees and suggest actions regarding key issues relating to arts and culture, such as:

Provide a forum for the dissemination and consideration of information to the local community.

Evaluate ACPC regulations concerning our entire population, including underserved communities.

Keep ACPC informed of the artistic and cultural needs of the community.

Collaborate on strategies to maximize participation in community cultural life and opportunities to enjoy the arts.

Act as the nominated independent assessment panel for arts and cultural development.

Explore options that may arise because of ACPC’s involvement in public programs, studies, partnerships, etc.