Cultural Mapping Study

“Building a race equity culture requires intention and effort.” -California Arts Council

Cultural Mapping Study

ACPC is committed to using the arts to drive racial equity and social justice. The ACPC uses policies and purposeful marketing programs that bring people together from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

A key action to that end was the Cultural Mapping Study.

Phase 1

Phase One of the project gathered information from a county-wide survey, one-on-one interviews, and focus groups. The research discovered populations that do not feel safe and want more of a voice in Placer County. Three areas of importance were identified:

Phase 2

Phase Two of the Cultural Mapping Study focused on creating strategies to take action and make strides to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Recommendations were developed to guide staff and offer options for Arts Organizations to best enhance equity, workforce development, and youth engagement.

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A Cultural Mapping study was conducted to identify racially and economically underserved communities in which art can exponentially improve quality of life. The study also identifies existing cultural assets and creative resources that the ACPC and other arts organizations can build upon. 

The results of this study will guide the Arts Council of Placer County in awarding future Grant funds where the dollars and programs can have the greatest impact. Secondarily, the study will facilitate connecting art resources and programs, with communities that will benefit from art programs.

Arts Council of Placer County was very happy to be working with Forecast Public Art on this important project.

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