Frequently Asked Questions


Our primary role is to administer Grants for Placer County.

The ACPC also advocates for the arts, supports artists and arts programs, and connects the community with the arts and cultural experiences. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with current offerings.

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Since 1983, the Arts Council of Placer County (ACPC) has been building community through arts and culture. We believe art should be a part of everyday living and that everyone in the community benefits when it is.

We are always looking for volunteers to assist in the many programs and services we provide as well as special events throughout the year. Our volunteers’ time is put to good use, assisting us at special events, students’ programs, and helping with installing exhibitions. To find out how you can help, please see our Volunteer Page.

Social Media & Events

If you would like to nominate an event to be published on the community calendar, please add the event on Facebook and include the Arts Council of Placer County (@theACPC) as a “CoHost”.

Please visit this page for more information on adding events to FaceBook.

Please visit this page for more information on adding hosts to your event on FaceBook.

Online Art Directory

ACPC has created the online Art Directory as a resource for Placer County residents to connect to the incredible diversity of Artists and Art Organizations in the community. Use this as a resource to connect to local art enthusiasts & direct them to your website, social media pages, and art classes. The art directory was created as a FREE resource for all the talented artists in Placer County. Thanks for joining

This is a resource for Placer County Artists and organizations ONLY. It’s FREE! There is NO cost.

Begin by first creating your online account. After you successfully create your account and login, you will have access to the Add Listing page. Please fill out the form and click “Submit Listing”. Your listing will be approved by an admin before going live.

You can change your password here. Also accessible through the ACPC Login page.