We are grateful for each and every donor who supports the arts in Placer County.

Arts programs in Placer County can use your support more than ever. The financial and human impacts of COVID-19 have increased the need for your support. California Arts Council survey in 2020 reported 85 percent of individual artists and cultural workers have had work canceled.

100% of donations go directly to arts programs distributed through our Community Arts Grants! You may view the complete list of grant recipients at the bottom of our Grants page.

Even small donations matter a great deal to these art programs.

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Contact Managing Director, Barbara Burge,
to get more information about contributing.

Want to Donate Offline?
Mail A Check To:
Arts Council of Placer County (ACPC)
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ACPC Arts Directory

Art should be a part of everyday living & when it is EVERYONE in the community benefits!

ACPC Donors

Special thanks to our supporters who have donated to the ACPC Community Arts Regranting program. 100% of your donations go towards this program and no administrative fees are charged.

Megan Hoyt  |  Bob and Sandi Sherwood  |  Scott Holbrook  |  Jane Hamilton  |  Carol Pepper-Kittredge  |  Sue Dings      

Letha Dawson  |  Vicki White  |  Jim and Cathy Crosthwaite   |  Teresa Forsyth  |  Tiffany Walker  |  Donna Dotti  |  Twiana Armstrong-Bryant  |  Janet Nicholson  |  Big Spoon Yogurt  |  Darci and Paul Frank  |  Barbara Burge  |  Mountain Mandarin Festival  |  Barbara Schutz  |  Theresa Shearn  |  Dara Dungworth

Support Placer County Art

Read about 10 creative ways for YOU to support the arts in Placer County. All donations go directly towards the Community Arts Grants and County-wide arts programs, and art tax-deductible, as are payments for services.

About The
Arts Grants

Each year, ACPC awards grants to support the arts and cultural activities of artists and community organizations in service to residents and visitors of Placer County. These activities increase the value of the arts as an integral part of the community and make the arts accessible to all.

Legacy Giving Fund

In 2020, the Arts Council of Placer County Endowment Fund was seeded through a gift made lovingly by a bequest from Anu Vuorikoski. ACPC is seeking support from the community to help grow this fund with similar gifts made through Placer Community Foundation.