Tiffany Walker

Tiffany Walker,

Tiffany is motivated by living a life of exploration. Raised in the foothills of Placer County, she spent most of her childhood outdoors at creative play, and always seeking the next adventure.

Travel has been a great influence. She has ventured around the world, even having had the opportunity to, for a time, live abroad. As a seeker she has gone deep into the woods, down countless rivers, up many high peaks, wandered the desert, explored various coastlines, taken in the cities, towns and villages, and met the most extraordinary people along the way. Her unique cultural experiences have greatly influenced all of her motivations, they have given her an impactful worldview, and are fully apparent in her daily life.

Tiffany is philanthropically passionate. She served in the Peace Corps, has built homes with Habitat for Humanity, she is a Daughter of the Nile, and, in addition to being a Member of The Arts Council of Placer County, sits on the Board of Directors of the local nonprofit Project Go.

Tiffany is an active creator, and draws upon her life experiences, from all walks, in creating her work. Her Art has graced many regional galleries, both in solo and collaborative shows.  She is a recognized California Arts Scholar, has won various Art related awards for her Art throughout the years, and has worked as a teacher of Fine Arts for the El Dorado County School District.